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Patients and family members offer unique ideas and perspectives that enhance care and services at Halifax Regional. That’s why the Patient and Family Engagement Committee established the volunteer role of patient and family advisor. We encourage patients and families from all backgrounds and experiences to apply for this volunteer position.

Patient and family advisors serve on a volunteer basis. They participate on committees and contribute to special projects that help Halifax Regional plan, evaluate and expand services that put the patient first. Our advisors:

  • Provide valuable input to create an excellent patient experience
  • Help us build stronger partnerships between patients, families and Halifax Regional
  • Share perspectives, experiences and suggestions in a variety of settings
  • Help create, implement and evaluate policies, programs and services
  • Respect and protect the confidentiality of patients, family members and employees at all times and in all circumstances
  • Uphold the mission, vision and values of Halifax Regional

Criteria for Being a Patient and Family Advisor

The time commitment required is a one- to two-year term. Advisor opportunities include projects that range from attending only one meeting to ongoing Advisory Council membership, which may require long-term commitment to attend regular meetings.

Ideal candidates will have the passion and ability to:

  • Have direct experience as a patient, family member or caregiver at Halifax Regional
  • Work in partnership with others and collaborate on solutions
  • Listen and reflect on issues, thoughts and priorities that are different than their own
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality of patient and organization information
  • Respect diversity and differing opinions
  • Speak comfortably in a group and display a positive outlook on life
  • Demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Maintain open communication with all staff

To apply to become a family and patient advisor, fill out this application.

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