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Why Wait?

Knee replacement surgery eases pain and brings back quality of life.

Sunday mornings in Roanoke Rapids find Alice Pierce singing soprano in the choir at Quankey Missionary Baptist Church. The 69-year-old is an active member of the congregation, participating in clothing drives, nursing home visits and whatever else needs to be done.

Pierce suffered from arthritic pain in her left knee for many years, but was reluctant to have the joint replaced because of stories from friends and neighbors that made her fearful of the procedure. She received injections to relieve the pain in 2017, but they were ineffective and she was still unable to enjoy the things she loved to do.

“I let other people’s experiences put the fear factor in me,” Pierce says. “I finally decided, ‘Who do you trust? What people are saying, or do you trust God?’ And believing he is a healer and will do things for me, I put my trust in him.”

Pierce underwent a knee replacement performed by Richard Holm, MD, medical director of Halifax Regional’s Joint Care Center, on July 23, 2018, and was walking the same day. She now reports walking better, feeling better and climbing stairs with ease. She credits her husband, James, and their son Randy, along with the team at the Joint Care Center and her workout partners at her gym, with helping her recover from the procedure so quickly. She continues her recovery by riding a recumbent bicycle.

Pierce has a word of advice for others experiencing joint pain and needing relief: “Do not put it off. It just makes it harder on you. I put it off until I couldn’t walk anymore. If I had known how much better off I was going to be following the surgery, I wouldn’t have waited.”

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