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Comprehensive Pain Specialists (CPS) is offering a new treatment for headache sufferers of migraines. The procedure uses a spaghetti-sized catheter to apply a local anesthetic to nerve cells located just under the tissue that lines the back of the nose. This temporarily blocks nerve impulses and provides relief from various types of pain. Joey P. Thomas, MD, pain specialist at CPS, talks about the treatment:

Q: How Is This Treatment for Migraines Different From Other Options? 

A: The treatment doesn’t replace existing medications, but is complementary to them. It is a simple means of decreasing the frequency and recurrence of migraines without using injections, needles or steroids. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes to complete and has minimal complication rates.

Q. What Results Have You Seen in Your Practice?

A. About 70 percent respond to this treatment, and relief can last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. This is great for people who are able to benefit from it. Once we know it’s going to help, they will not need to go to the ER as often and will experience a better lifestyle. The treatment is covered by Medicare and most insurance.

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