Healthy Halifax Winter/Spring 2019: From the President’s Desk

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The Way I See It

Every Tuesday I visit our patients to ask about their experience at Halifax Regional. I receive many compliments about our nurses and other team members. Because nurses are consistently ranked as one of the most trusted professions, patients and their families look to them for important answers about their illness and treatment — and to share with nurses their fears and hopes.

The United States is currently experiencing a nursing shortage. Halifax Regional has created several local strategies to retain nurses and recruit new ones. Our first strategy is to treat nurses with honor and respect. Our nurse leaders are, along with physicians, developing new processes to bring healing and stability to our patients so they can recover. We have also recruited a new leader for our organization, Jason Harrell, RN, MSN, our new chief operating officer and chief nursing officer. Jason, who has a nurse practitioner clinical background, has brought awareness to our nurses about working together to develop and follow best practice guidelines that are evidence-based to drive the best quality of care. Jason is creating a culture and expectation of nursing excellence.

Finally, we are recruiting the nurses of tomorrow. Among his many duties, Jason is working with new leaders of the nursing program at Halifax Community College (HCC) to attract new students who want to become nurses. HCC now has a full class of 35 nursing students and a waiting list. There is also a new program to help licensed practical nurses (LPNs) complete their professional aspirations of becoming registered nurses. Halifax Regional, along with HCC, will train local students to help them reach their dreams of becoming nurses and working locally. We have to invest in our nurses; the profession is too important to neglect.


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