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How do I schedule an appointment?
Call Vidant Family Medicine – Roanoke Rapids at (252) 537-9176 and speak with one of our Patient Care Representatives.

What insurances or types of payments does Vidant Family Medicine – Roanoke Rapids accept?
Vidant Family Medicine – Roanoke Rapids accepts most medical insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. Cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover are also accepted. Co-payment is required at the time of service.

I have an urgent issue that cannot wait until the office is open, who should I call?
Call the hospital switch board at (252) 535-8011. Ask to speak with the provider on call for Vidant Family Medicine – Roanoke Rapids.

I am having difficulty getting into my Athena patient portal account. What should I do?
Contact the Vidant Family Medicine – Roanoke Rapids at (252) 537-9176 and ask to speak with the nurse who supports the Athena patient portal. If she is unable to help you over the phone, then she will schedule an appointment for you to meet with her to resolve any issues. Please be aware, we changed electronic health records in October 2016. You may still have a patient portal, FollowMyHealth, with our legacy system, but we are no longer updating information in that portal.

How can I obtain a copy of my lab results?
Speak with one of the staff members about signing up for the patient portal. In the patient portal you will be able to obtain a free copy of your lab results. However, the lab results do not publish to the portal automatically and you must request this information to be sent.

Why has Vidant Family Medicine – Roanoke Rapids Decided to Become a Patient-Center Medical Home (PCMH)?
We believe that the PCMH model will help us to provide high-quality care to all of our patients. By positioning your physician to provide, oversee and coordinate all the care you need, the PCMH model seeks to strengthen the physician-patient relationship.

Coordination between you and your providers also leads to better health results; fewer errors such as drug interactions, fewer duplicate tests; and quicker, better communication.

What are the benefits of a PCMH to me?

  • Personal Provider: Each patient has an ongoing relationship with a personal physician/nurse practitioner/physician assistant. Your personal provider leads your care team.
  • Whole Person Care: Your personal provider is responsible for providing all your healthcare needs or taking responsibility for appropriately arranging care with other qualified professionals.
  • Care is Coordinated/Integrated: Your provider and healthcare team will coordinate your care with other elements of the healthcare system, such as specialty care, hospitals, home health agencies, and nursing homes. They are also equipped to integrate this care with your family and any public or private community services that you may currently use or that may be of benefit to you.
  • Quality and Safety: By centralizing your care in one place, the potential for errors is decreased. By putting the focus on the patient, the quality of care is enhanced.
  • Enhanced Access to Care: Open scheduling, expanded hours and new options for communication between patients, their personal physician and practice staff makes is easier and quicker to get the care you need.
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